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International festival of Ehdeniyat

Frangieh: As the music is a regrouping language, it will have the biggest space in Ehdeniyat

Mrs. Rima Sleiman Frangieh, head of Almidan NGO launched the program of Ehdeniyat 2011 from the historical building of Al-koubra whereas the festival will take place. Since Ehdeniyat had become an annual event attracting Lebanese and tourists, Mrs. Frangieh noticed that: “the music will have a bigger space, Ehdeniyat will contain several musical and artistic nights with great international, Arab and Lebanese artists because Almidan believes in the importance of music as a regrouping language and in Ehden the music will produce a chaos that will reach the mountains and the valleys spreading the sacred odorant of Lebanon”.

During the festival, a special artistic event for six artists from Ehden will take place representing the water Horizons viewing the other side of the social person. And as every year, a week is dedicated for children where we will have play theaters, special shows and big games brought especially for the festival.

During the first week of the festival three international players will perform, the symbolic fees of tickets will go to support the North Autism Center – NAC, unique in the North. However, the entrance will be free of charge and opened for everyone for the rest of the festival events.

Ehdeniyat festival organized by Almidan NGO will start on August 4 and stays until August 28, with the support of the head of Zgharta casa municipality union, Mr. Toni Sleiman and in collaboration with the Municipality of Zgharta.

The first week of the festival includes:
August 4: Helene Segara
August 6: Tino Favazza & the Oriental Roots Orchestra
August 7: Bond

The second week will enclose a special artistic event representing the water Horizons viewing the other side of the social person. Six different artistic readings for artists from Ehden about water, its transformation, voice, vision, different material and music will be exposed. The artists are: Antoine Alam, Alexy Frangieh, Jamil Ghaleb, Boulos Khawam, Roumanos Moukarzel and Samih Zaatar.
Also, the second week will hold:
August 11 & 12: Jazz nights with Arthur Satayan & his band
August 13: “Khawabi el Sada” with Jahida wehbe
August 14: Oussama Rahbani & wiba Twaji & Wadih Abi Raed

The third week is dedicated for children; In addition of activities and big diversified games, the following play theaters are exposed:
August 18: Louna, au-delà des Merveilles
August 19 : Ghinwa 100% Star 
August 20: Circus Boom
August 21: Gino, lord of magic

The closure of the festival is within the fourth week:

August 25: Carole Semaha
August 26: A concert with Heartbeat
August 27: Arab artist Ilham Almadfa’i
August 28: Bilal Feghaly, the Gipsy prince

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