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Autism……in Lebanon

Regarding that the Autism is a chronic case however the statistics show that following-up the child at an early age will allow him to live a normal independent life, learning a job and attending a normal life as other children in the case of the availability of a suitable social environment.

In order to provide this caring environment, Almidan NGO had intentioned to open the North Autism Center – NAC - that had started working with Autism children to help them overcome their problem and to aware their parents on this special case and how to follow-up their children.

And to support NAC, a theatre play for Ghinwa “Vers les nuages” had been done at La cité theater Jounieh on November first to support financially the center.

It is important to know that one from 150 children might suffer from autism and lately, through a series of experiments, American experts had discovered 6 genes related to the cause of autism so let’s hope that this discovery is the first step in finding the treatment.

Autism is a problem in the mental development of the children prohibiting expression and social communication with his environment and the studies show that the symptoms start to show at early age, 3 years old and differ from a person to another one.